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Jaguar XF 2010 Based On The C-XF Concept

Replacing the aging S-Type, Jaguar XF 2010 is a car based on the C-XF concept, with less dramatic exterior lights mean. technical constraints, as they say, the lights C-XF is not possible to cost-effectively build, but the cat�s eyes looking for the next generation of the XJ, Jaguar designers say will be that more complex than XF.

Jaguar XF 2010 Designed to compete with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class sports XF is the last access of their competitors with low ceilings a more aggressive stance. The fact that it comes standard with slotted wings and a dome that adds to this approach.

Since the initial launch, Jaguar XF 2010 XF gets a new engine, including a V8 5.0-liter base, good for 385 horsepower. There is also a supercharged V8 engine of 5.0 liters 470 hp is good and he used the supercharged Jaguar XF 2010 XF model.

Jaguar XF 2010 XF accelerate from zero to 60 in 5.5 seconds and supercharged XF task of 4.9 seconds. Top XFR is 4.7 seconds.

About two inches longer than the previous S-Type, Jaguar XF 2010 XF lot of 195-inch space for five adults, although the type of cut roof. This X increases to cover the roof and ceiling of the cover of Life � a trick that improves interior.

Four models of the XF is available in the U.S. market: the base XE XF Premium (Premium package also has a bag), supercharged XF XFR. For the U.S., Jaguar XF 2010 XF is available with 18-inch, 19 or 20, is the only car in its class Supercharged is equipped with 20-inch wheels, standard.

A unique feature that makes its way from conception to production Jaguar XF 2010 is the speed selector. It has an interface displacement rotary like nothing else currently on the soles of the screen. increases handheld device when the device is turned on can be rotated to select park, reverse, neutral and operate the unit continuously.

Jaguar sequential shift work to change the cable system that replaces manual shift linkages electronic control. This gives a gearshift XF smooth and fast � faster than the XK�s transmission.

There is also a selection of different types of motion control devices Jaguar, which corresponds to the evolution of gas, the thresholds of DSC mood change strategy and conditions, including sports and mode of winter.

2010 Jaguar XF suspension, steering, brakes
XF uses large 12.83 inches x 0.79 inches (326 mm x 20 mm) vented front discs on all models of vacuum, and 13.97 cm x 1.26 cm (355 cm x 32 m � m) ventilated discs Entry for supercharged model.

Jaguar XF 2010 Option Standard and Technology

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