Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Bentley Continental Super Sport

Bentley Continental Super Sport is the fastest and most powerful ever. The end of Bentley, the muscles of the two seats sports car that offers a driving experience based on performance. Bentley Continental Super Sport is also the first Bentley that can run on gasoline (petrol) and bio-fuels, fuel bladders and innovative use of technology in the luxury sector.

The results are impressive. With 630P (621 hp) and a new gearbox �Quick Shift�, where half of the changes over time, the Bentley Continental Super Sport new standards of performance for the Bentley. It accelerates from 0 to 60 km / h in 3.7 seconds (0-100 km �h in 3.9 seconds) with a maximum speed of 204 mph (329 km / h).

Completely cover extreme wind sports journalist, Bentley has created a unique interior. The cabin is a dramatic revision of the Bentley interior design, they are not carbon fiber sport Alcantara only provide a modern style, but also to reduce weight.

Bentley is faster, more extreme, powerful style to highlight character supercar. More importantly, it also introduced the use of flex fuel technology and the luxury sector. �

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