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Piaggio NT3 Features and Specifications

Piaggio NT3 Features and Specifications

Size: 2.4 meters length
Number of occupants: 3, driver seat at the middle (Auto-rickshaw seating arrangement)
Innovative Door Opening System

Safety: Space frame structure with crash box
Luggage Space: Passenger Seats are removable for cargo space

Engine options :
200 cc � Aimed for reduced ownership cost and fuel efficiency
300 cc � Technology is based on Piaggio Mp3 technology and provides brilliant performance
300 cc Hybrid � Internal Combustion Engine (80 kmph) + ZEV Electric motor (30 kmph)
piaggio nt3 photo 1

Photo: Piaggio NT3 concept

Suspension Front: McPherson
Suspension Rear: �Omega�

The innovative door opening system would allow the users easy ingress and egress even at tight parking spaces. However, Piaggio has not revealed any further details about NT3 production and sales launch dates. Piaggio is planning to start production, within three years, according to Reuters.

Piaggio has plans to bring its scooters to India in another 2 years. Now, if Piaggio brings NT3 to India, the company is clearly aiming for mass volume sales and to establish the brand in Asia. The price of NT3 could be Rs 1.5 � 2 lakh. But will Indians buy a 3 seater car powered by a 200 cc or a 3oo cc engine?

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